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A High Profile Escort Answers Questions About Her Job, Clients & Her Business Model

In this session we did an interview with a high profile escort girl of Pune to comprehend why she decided to enter the sex industry and how she grew to become independent in financial terms and became successful to accomplish her all aspirations.

Here is the real story of her escort voyage in her own words.

Hi friends, I am Alisha the most hot and sexy girl in Pune known for offering high end escorts, that’s what my clients say. Let me introduce myself from the start. I shifted to Pune when I was 19 in seek for a job. After completing graduation my dream was to achieve well job with good paycheck and enjoy the dalily chorus. After couple of days I found myself a job in IT field with good salary. The days were passing by fast and days into years. Everything was going well and delighted for me, but one day I realized that I was not living up to the mark and enthusiasm. Daily routine of my life was making me feel bored sometimes and always forced me to think that what I am doing with this human body and where I will end with this.

Spending time with friends and hanging out with them use to make me feel better, but after sometime I realized that there was something missing in my life. I was losing interest in everything; I did not wanted to go for job nor hang out with friends or do anything that will make me feel happy. I just wanted to be alone and far away from everyone else whom I know.

How did you decide to get in Escorts Service?

One day, when passing by on the streets of Koregaon Park which is known as the most prominent place in Pune to enjoy your break. I saw a man approaching toward a girl standing on the corner of a street in short dress. Soon I acknowledged that she was a call girl standing there for customers to hire her for the night. The man and girl soon left in car from the place after having a small conversation. I knew that such things run around town but never stumbled upon such event in my presence.

That whole night I was not able to eradicate that thing out of my head and soon it came to my conscious that I was constantly thinking about how prostitution business works and how people get such girls hired to satisfy their desire. I was very eager to know more about how escorts service in Koregaon Park run. I tried to search on internet and get some information but at the end could not get that kind of details for which I was looking for. At last I decided to meet that girl whom I saw standing on the street and get to know how she was in this service industry in pune and from how long?

After building up my mind and courage I finally somehow met that girl and started to be warm and friendly and get more and more information about her life and how she determined and enrolled to sell her body. In beginning she was waffling to reveal the info but after authenticating her that I was just inquisitive to know all about escorts service than she started to tell me each and everything about her life and how escorts in Koregaon park Pune works. After figuring out everything about escorts I was about to leave but she ceased and enquired me. Are you interested in becoming escort girl? That question kicked in my mind and I was like wtf. I did not answer her at that time but she gave her number to me incase in potential required.

I have never affixed my self-worth to some idea of selling my body, but I still had not genuinely considered many of my desires. After 3 days of contemplating I decided to enter the occupation of escort.

How was your first experience?

The experience wasn't glamorous or virtually as sexy as I considered it might be. But still, I chose to work as an escort exclusively.

Do you have any moral challenge with what you do?

I do not have a moral challenge with having sex for money, as long as it's safe, protected and among consenting adults.

What kind of clients do you have as an associate with escorts in koregaon park?

My clients are generally bachelors and sometimes married and professional guys between thirty and fifty years old. They all come here attain pleasure and spend some good quality time taking break from stressful life looking to get away for a few hours.

Do you have any regrets about your chosen occupation in escorts girls industry?

Being an escort in Koregaon Park offered me with many opportunities that I'm not sure I would have become if I had not been an escort. That said, my decision to turn into an escort had a definite cost affiliated with it.

I believe it is close to extremely hard to have a healthy and balanced relationship while working. So it can be a lonesome life. In addition, camouflaging my job as an escorts in pune from my friends and family turned out to be difficult for many reasons.